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Yaham LED traffic devices under giant spotlight at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 came to a successful end on March 23. Yaham had successfully drawn a large number of professionals and buyers with the most representative LED traffic display products including small spacing pixel LED screen for smart traffic control system, energy-efficient variable message sign, lane control sign, speed limit sign, etc.

With an area of 48㎡, on this event, Yaham showcased up to 10 different series of products covering safety and high efficiency of traffic and mobility systems due to its irreplaceable advantages and features. Here are the highlights of Yaham on Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018.

H2 series P1.27 high precision LED Display

Yaham LED traffic devices under giant spotlight at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 - yaham

H2 is able to deliver the most vibrant image owing to souped-up chip supports high refresh rate up to 3600Hz. Moreover, featuring a low gray scale of 14bits, H2 enables you to deliver true-to-life image quality, while up to 160°viewing angle makes your visual experience wider and more generous. Additionally, H2 can achieve precise module assembly along with high precise die-casting aluminum and positioning fixture, which provides you immersive visual experience without any black line or white line by cabinet joint. More importantly, H2 has industry-leading heat dissipation performance due to graphene-based heat dissipation design.

T3.91 Indoor Fixed Traffic Display

T3.91, as Yaham the first indoor fixed LED traffic display, it represents that Yaham has made a dramatic step forwards into traffic display industry. With regard to high contrast ratio 5000:1 and flicker-free refresh rate of 3840Hz, T3.91 can provide you with constant visibility and superb visual experience, thus, it results in traffic instruction clearer and accurate based on historical and real-time traffic flow presented on the screen. It is widely considered to play a critical role of daily operation of city traffic system as well.

Yaham LED traffic devices under giant spotlight at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 - yaham

Besides, at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, Yaham also took all the attendees a tour of the state-of-the art LED traffic display solutions and products through exhibiting Yaham-made variable message sign, lane control sign, speed limit sign, etc. Yaham used all these traffic display products to simulate a completely intelligent mobility control system where you could clearly distinguish weather situation, road condition, speed limit and other traffic information. As a result, it can dramatically increase security and efficiency while driving on the road.

Variable Message Sign

Yaham-made variable message signs are designed to deliver traffic information on roadways which are expected to cover accident report, weather condition, congestion report, etc. Messages are able to be timely delivered to drivers through advanced LED technology which significantly reduces accident as a whole.

Speed Limit Sign

It is widely used in modern city traffic system. Speed limit sign can display figures to remind driver’s ahead road speed limit. Whether bad weather it is, drivers can still timely receive messages about speed limit from the LED sign due to its high visibility.  

Lane Control Sign

Yaham lane control sign is formed from one Red Cross and green arrows including turning left arrow, down-right, down-left and green downward, which can automatically update real time traffic information according to the control center instructions. Safety and efficiency of roadways can be tremendously increased since drivers are able to be aware of traffic condition at the very first time.

Currently, Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 has drawn to a close, but Yaham will continue to be devoted to research and development field with strong innovation ability in the basis of the needs of traffic display system. Yaham promises to bring you more surprises for this market in the future.

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