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YAHAM To Unveil The New Outdoor Waterproof Module And Cabinet

2015 News 4030

In 2014, Japanese scientists I. Akasaki, H. Amano and S. Nakamura became the laureates of Noble Prize for physics, announced by Royal Swedish Academy to awarded their great contribution on the invention of blue led. In 1989, that was the first time that the human beings ever had a chance to saw the artificial blue light, in 1993, Nichia, one of the most prestigious led manufacturers, officially released blue led, which enabledus to produce full color led display, namely, full color led display has a history of decades behind it.

When we look back the development of led display in last decades, we are shocked when we learnt that the outdoor led cabinets or cabinet materials we are using today is exactly same to that of 10 years ago, the cabinets, sometimes, are too unwieldy to believe this is high-tech display system, in a world that everything will be changed with each passing day, hard as it is maybe to believe that we are using a “technology” that has already existed 10 years ago.

YAHAM To Unveil The New Outdoor Waterproof Module And Cabinet - yaham

A aesthetically better cabinet and usability orients the development of outdoor led display, improving IP class by using the heavy cabinets is nothing than a compromised choice, the unsealed IC and PCB board etc, to some extent, are aesthetic-lacked. A example to further illustrate this point would be the Iphone, people always

subconsciously feel that traditional phone is inelegant owning to the detachable power cover, to improve the user experience tell people that Iphone are exquisite, Iphone are firstly designed to be a undetachable one, including the slot for SIM card on side, this design has been copied by many other companies.

To be distinguished in product design has be one of the driving forces of Yaham, for that reason, Yaham announces that the new outdoor waterproof module designed by Yaham Industry Design Center is going to unveil, this module is measured 320mm*320mm, applicable to most of current cabinet, sealed back and both sides are IP65, apart from the upcoming module, a wholly new redesigned cabinet will be released at the same time, this cabinet is significantly different from the traditional one, it is fanless and can be serviced from both front and rear, having incredible ability in heat dissipation and noise reduction, it is only 40% that weight of traditional cabinet, it is predictable that it will maximally ease customer’s burden on installation cost.

As of now, all the preparation of this module is drawing to the close, we will officially announce its unveiling when the time comes. COMING SOON!

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