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    Demeter GD Series

    Revolutionary Mesh LED Display

    ● Light-tight with lower wind load
    ● Frame design with lower weight
    ● Initial module design
    ● Excellent heat dissipation 

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LED Display Products

outdoor product contains 4 series that meets different kinds of outdoor advertising needs. Improving customer advertising value is our first priority. Moreover,Yaham LED display have been well serving customers worldwide in America, Europe Union, Japan, South and East Asia etc.


Yaham indoor led display series provide sharp image output, fluent video displaying and high refresh rate. With 3 in 1 capsulation and 140H/140V wide viewing angle in SMD, indoor LED display shows better contrast ratio and better color blending to deliver brighter and more pleasant visual experience to audience from everywhere. The LED unit panel can be formed into various sizes of display without limits.

Iginnee Series:1.875mm-6mm
Istrong Series:4mm-12mm


Human-oriented structure,easy-to-do maintenance, high-quality visual effect optimal solution for sports stadium


Series: Isport

Pixel Pitch: 10mm \ 12mm


What is creative display using LED technology? It means taking LED dot, LED line or LED surface as display unit to mould the beautiful exhibited artwork and reflect the unique and harmonious visual culture characteristics with the support of the building or landscape.


What can creative LED display bring about? It can be customized according to the factual demands on site, which is better to fit with the overall structure and the surroundings.


YAHAM Traffic is a professional traffic department and focuses on global LED traffic research and development. With sure-footed attitude, high quality products and professional service, YAHAM Traffic has won a big share in the global market and Siemens, Hong Kong Metro, etc have been our distinguished partners since 2005.

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YAHAM was founded in 2002, headquarters in Shenzhen, dedicates to design and develop professional LED display & LED lighting products. With more than 18 years experience from R & D team members, we do our best to serve customer all the time.


Address: Bldg4, HANS Industrial Park, 128 Chongqing Street, Fuyong, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,P.R.C
Tel: +86-755-2950-3560
Fax: +86-755-2675-5760
Email: sales@yaham.com


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