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YAHAM Wins the Bidding War of Shenzhen Tailun Plaza Project

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Recently, news of success from YAHAM domestic business division kept pouring in from all directions. Owing to excellent product quality and remarkable LED display solution, YAHAM successfully beat a large number of competitors and won the bidding war of LED display supply and installation project for Shenzhen Tailun Plaza. The total contract amount was 3255720.97RMB.

YAHAM Wins the Bidding War of Shenzhen Tailun Plaza Project - yaham

Located in CBD business center of Houhai, Nanshan District of Shenzhen, bordering on Pengrunda Commercial Square in the north, Shenzhen Tailun Plaza is well known as the ‘rising commercial complex’. YAHAM S1 series outdoor LED display will be applied on this project, which is expected to be installed in C05, C08 and C10 area of Shenzhen Tailun Plaza.

This project is estimated to be officially launched in the near future. After the completion of the project, YAHAM-made LED panel will make a dazzling appearance at the Shenzhen Tailun Plaza.

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