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A Chinese Rose Flower Blooms in Yueji Town

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A Chinese Rose Flower Blooms in Yueji Town - yaham

Yueji, is the Chinese pronunciation of Chinese rose. Yueji Town, located in liaocheng, Shandong Province, adjacent to Yueji Park, with a large passenger flow and convenient transportation, is designed to serve as a comprehensive amusement block integrating cultural and creative tourism, leisure vacation and cultural entertainment.

As Chinese rose is the city flower of Liaocheng representing a vibrant development, a happy life and a brighter future, Yaham’s customer would like to create an Chinese rose petal-shaped LED screen at the entrance of Yueji Town that is able to capture attention and establish the city image, get wider exposure and maximize commercial value.

Yaham embarked on designing an cutting-edge solution that would exceed expectations. However, This unique and intricate design structure posed significant challenges to Yaham.

A Chinese Rose Flower Blooms in Yueji Town - yaham

The LED sculpture is large and measures 48m(157ft) wide by 13.9m(46ft) high. According to customer’s requirement, it adopted stainless steel material which could not be spliced in advance. Yaham made an inspection and secondary correction for all parts at the installation site to prevent damages during long-term transportation.

The Chinese rose petal-shaped screen consists of 12 Chinese rose petals with a total display area of 97㎡(1,044 ft²). To realize smooth switch of opening and closing and stable operation outdoors, the LED display must be lightweight and waterproof.

The screen adopted Yaham S4 Series product. Designed with the screw rear maintenance, breathable valve, waterproof modules, lightweight cabinets, the Chinese rose petal-shaped screen is competent for outdoor environment while effectively reduces the building load.

A Chinese Rose Flower Blooms in Yueji Town - yaham

The high brightness up to 5000 nits ensures a clear and vivid image even at night. Featuring power redundancy design and dual voltage input, the power consumption of S4 is reduced by about 15% compared with that of traditional display, effectively reducing display attrition rate and prolonging service life.

A Chinese Rose Flower Blooms in Yueji Town - yaham

The Chinese rose petal-shaped screen has become a milestone for Yaham to expand Chinese inland market. Trusted by customers, Yaham continues to surpass customer expectations with its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional LED solutions.

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